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Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube

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Rev up your style game with our "Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube" – where the open road meets the written word in a whirlwind of vintage vibes! This ain't your grandma's stationary; it's a symphony of old-school motorcycles and rebel spirit, all neatly packaged into a cube of creative awesomeness.

Imagine a classic bandana, but with a twist – each corner features a hand-drawn masterpiece of an old-school motorcycle, roaring to life with nostalgia. It's like having a biker gang of creativity right at your fingertips, ready to inspire your wildest thoughts and ink-worthy ideas.

Whether you're sketching out your next tattoo design or leaving a note for your roommate to pick up more snacks (because bikers get hungry, too), this note cube has got you covered. It's the perfect blend of style, function, and a rebellious spirit that's ready to hit the road – or the desk.

Warning: Using this note cube may lead to spontaneous bursts of creativity, an uncontrollable urge to hop on a vintage motorcycle and hit the highway, and a newfound appreciation for the art of the handwritten note. Side effects also include jealous glances from colleagues, requests to borrow your rad note cube, and an overall boost in street cred. So, wrap that bandana, let the ink flow, and ride the wave of creative rebellion with the Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube!

 Each cube measures 3.37" (W) by 3.5" (H).

.: 700 individual sheets with a light adhesive strip on the back .: One size: 3.5" in height, 3.37" in width .: One image printed on 4 outward facing sides .: NB! Print colors may appear darker due to the print method .: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

    Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube - Miz.Behavin& Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube - Miz.Behavin& Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube - Miz.Behavin& Retro Rider Bandana Note Cube - Miz.Behavin&